Scott Mishoe could perhaps be the most underrated guitarists on the planet. Thirteen years ago his song “Tonic Systems” was included on the Shrapnel compilation “Omnious Guitarists from the Unknown” and still guitar players are struggling to catch up to him on a technical level. A few years after that, a video of Scott demostrating his amazing slap technique on the guitar, started circulating showing once again his ability to push the envelope.
To this day, it could still be unrivaled. If there is any justice in the world of guitar, Scott Mishoe will land his dream gig and finally get the credit he deserves. In this interview, Scott talks about how he developed is unique style and how to order his new line of lesson packets that are now available. You can also order the Shred classic released initially by Mark Varney’s Legato Records, Omnidirectional as well as his other release Chronic Insomiac.


Scott Mishoe Videos

   Slap Guitar Grooves

Alien Licks


Etude in C Major


Extreme Slap Style

Scott Mishoe at Age 13


At Home




I thought Scott Mishoe sounded great before seeing him perform live. Now that I’ve been to one of his shows, I can honestly say that his music sounds just as good (if not better) in person. I can’t wait for the live version of his latest album.



My friends and I had a blast at Scott Mishoe’s Virginia Beach show last month. We’re considering getting together and driving up to New York for his next performance. We simply can’t get enough of Scott Mishoe!